They say bigger isn’t always better, but we like bigger. Especially when it comes to challenges. Acentia doesn’t simply meet goals, we exceed them. With such a demanding and aggressively evolving technology market, our solutions are designed with flexibility and endurance in mind. Acentia’s Thought Leadership team develops new ideas through our Centers of Excellence and Independent Research and Development (IRAD) Lab, creating “tried and true” products that ensure not only client satisfaction, but success.

Centers of Excellence

Acentia offers a holistic approach to Big Data and Analytics. Traditional analytics can tell you what happened and why, but leading organizations are using predictive analytics to understand what could happen and prescriptive analytics to choose the next best action.

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Everyone has a different definition of “the cloud”, but we focus on delivering the significant benefits Cloud makes possible. Cloud increases capacity and adds capabilities on the fly without requiring new infrastructure investment.

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Data is constantly on the move; from various machines and devices pouring into information repositories or information is streaming to users, mobility has cut the strings that once tied users and data to the desktop.

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Commitment to Success

Acentia supports a wide variety of customers, programs, and technologies. In today’s fast-paced, global, and collaborative environment, quality and efficient delivery is what sets us apart. At the center of Acentia’s customer support and product delivery is a robust, industry benchmarked organizational process. The “Acentia Way” is a comprehensive set of standards and process frameworks that have been appraised and certified for the worlds most widely used best practices. Acentia is a Capability Maturity Model for Integration (CMMI) Maturity Level 4 appraised and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 certified company for our systems and software development processes. These processes include our Waterfall and Iterative Software Development Lifecycle, as well as our agile methodology.

Acentia’s internal and customer-facing services have also been appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 3 for Services and certified in ISO 20000. This level of standardization and predictable process results enhances program efficiency and quality. The Acentia Office of Process Excellence, a team of experienced process improvement professionals, enables focused customer reach back, leadership and support to the implementation and maintenance of our process.  This level of customer support and commitment to excellence has enabled us to successfully deliver high quality and efficient solutions to our customers.

Acentia’s Solutions Lab creates an accelerating platform for IRADs, providing a secure, dynamically scalable private cloud environment for rapid prototyping and for piloting new concepts and technologies of value to our customers.  Our Solutions Lab is a dynamic sandbox for quickly advancing our tools and technology skills, our staff experience and learning, and our ability to create customer demonstrations that showcase our thought-leadership; currently in the lab are a growing repertoire of tools and capabilities from partners such as AnyPresence, Amazon, EMC/VMWare, Eucalyptus, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP,  and RedHat – providing ready-to-roll jumpstart platforms for quickly creating Cloud, Big-Data Analytics, Mobility projects and more.

Acentia’s IRAD program plays a critical role in leveraging cutting-edge innovation, technologies, and approaches on behalf of our customers.  IRADs are small, focused pilot or prototyping projects important to advance our understanding of a technology or solution that is important to our customers. This may mean creating a prototype that shows how a customer’s IT portfolio could be migrated to the ‘Cloud,’ or that demonstrates how Acentia can leverage the latest mobility solutions to solve a customer’s challenges. While we don’t limit the breadth of new ideas, Acentia IRADs focus on creating new opportunities with our customers and partners.

Acentia’s Technical Fellows Program recognizes Acentia thought-leaders with an opportunity to further their professional development along a technical path. The program promotes forward thinking, collaborative, technically minded employees who are interested in developing leading-edge technology and management solutions for Acentia’s customers while pursuing a course of independent research in a technology area consistent with Acentia’s business strategy. Through this program we recognize employees of exceptional ability and assist in furthering their professional development.

“Big Data, Analytics and Medicare Public Use Data”

Presented by Dr. Tom Woteki, PhD

What makes data “Big Data”? Is my dataset bigger than yours? Are “Business Intelligence” and “Reporting” the same things as “Analytics”? We discussed these questions in connection with an exploratory analysis of a large public use dataset of Medicare claims. We also discussed the open source software used to analyze the data.

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