Cloud computing has fully emerged as a disruptive innovation, able to dramatically reduce costs and bring organizations unprecedented business agility. In recognition of the importance of Cloud in IT, the “Cloud First” policy mandates that agencies take full advantage of cloud computing benefits to maximize capacity utilization, improve IT flexibility and responsiveness, and minimize cost. Yet realizing the potential benefits of Cloud brings new challenges to organizations already struggling to do more with less – while simultaneously introducing new complexities that span from IT architecture to outdated service CapEx/OpEx cashflow models.

Acentia recognized early the significant impact Cloud computing could have on our customers, and has a proven track-record of helping organizations navigate these challenges to deliver tangible results. Acentia offers full-lifecycle services ranging from strategy and planning, infrastructure and application migration, full-lifecycle development, and operational maintenance.

  • Cloud Strategy and Planning. We serve as trusted advisors in areas encompassing portfolio management, transition planning and sequencing, enterprise architecture, return on investment (ROI), risk management assessment, cloud policy consulting, cloud governance policies, cloud data strategies, technology forecasting, and other related strategic service areas. Acentia supports agencies to “make the business case” for migrating to the cloud. Based on a data-driven, diagnostic approach, Acentia’s IT strategic planning is ready to assist organizations in uncovering the drivers, key considerations, and other important factors to aid in their migration to cloud computing. We provide Total Cost of Ownership estimating and economic analysis of alternatives to support the selection of the right cloud development and implementation strategy for your organization.
  • Cloud Pilots. Acentia’s Solutions Lab offers a secure “lab-as-a-service” model using an on-premise, hybrid cloud environment that allows us to evaluate new and emerging technologies as well as demonstrate incremental progress on specific cloud solutions for customers. As a result, we are able to help customers quickly pilot applications within the Acentia Solutions Lab, then seamlessly field them to either their own internal private cloud, to an external Cloud Service Provider (CSP), or to a hybrid architecture that combines the strengths of both approaches.  Our customers find this rapid pilot approach gives them the answers they need – and the confidence to proceed.
  • Cloud Migration. Acentia has successfully migrated several federal agencies to the Cloud – whether migrating an entire DataCenter or in migrating legacy applications to provide near-term success in their journey to the Cloud.   Getting into the Cloud is a first step, and – significantly –one that opens new opportunities for additional cost savings and enhanced business capabilities inherent in the new infrastructure. Once migrated, advanced features such as dynamic scalability, load-balancing, high-availability, fault-tolerance, and Disaster Recovery (DR) can be easily added to legacy systems that would have otherwise required significant redevelopment – or been impossible – to achieve.
  • Cloud Development. While migrating legacy applications can deliver some of the benefits of the Cloud without redevelopment, they will never be as capable as “Cloud-Aware” applications that are able to recognize and use key features of the cloud environment. Cloud-Aware applications are able to deliver transformational capabilities such as real-time resource auto-scaling, intelligent content distribution, intelligent memory optimization, and more. Further, Cloud-Aware applications can dynamically leverage ‘heavy-weight’ services such as Hadoop Data Analytics and Petabyte+ BigData only for the duration they are needed – making previously expensive capabilities suddenly affordable. Acentia’s full-lifecycle capabilities encompass new system development, reengineering/modernization of existing systems, data management, service integration, and operational systems optimization and support.
  • Cloud Operations and Maintenance. Getting your systems and users to the Cloud is one thing, yet supporting your mission-critical operations once you are in the Cloud represents an entirely new suite of challenges – challenges Acentia solves. Cloud operations require a modified approach to IT service management (ITSM) to ensure operational risks are mitigated and sensitive data is protected both in transit and at rest. Acentia’s ITSM code of practice is based on our ISO 20000 certification, tailored with best-practices drawn from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework and processes. We have a proven track-record of meeting the most stringent Service Level Agreements ensures that your systems stay running, your systems and data are protected, and your users stay productive.

Acentia delivers best-in-class, full-lifecycle cloud services – helping government customers prepare, migrate, and operationalize their cloud services. We ensure cloud migrations deliver measurable and tangible benefits made possible by the new platform and Software-as-a-Service paradigms. Acentia delivers the benefits of ubiquitous, on demand scalability, location independence, and cost flexibility, while saving our customers millions of dollars in operational costs.

Although vendor agnostic, our combination of technology vendor partnerships and certified staff experts give us the skills, insight, and access to leverage the very latest cloud solutions and innovations on behalf of our customers.  For example, Acentia is a longstanding partner of both Eucalyptus, the market leading provider of open source private cloud software, and of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading secure cloud services provider to the federal government.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading Cloud Service Provider for the Federal Government, and Acentia is proud to be a certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner.   While Acentia remains solution-vendor agnostic, we are proactively using AWS to deliver the benefits of secure, scalable, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure services on behalf of our customers today. Our Corporate APN certification recognizes Acentia as a leader in cloud integration services and gives Acentia early access to a range of Amazon resources and training that enable us to help our customers manage their full range of cloud solution needs—from conception through implementation, testing, and deployment and operations.

Eucalyptus is the leading provider of AWS-compatible private and hybrid cloud computing software, providing the highest level of AWS compatibility of any private cloud solution. Significantly, the Eucalyptus platform fully implements AWS APIs and Protocols; System Integrators like Acentia use the Eucalyptus platform to create secure private clouds for organizations not-yet-ready to transition their software to an external Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Once an application has been migrated and demonstrated operational within the private Eucalyptus Cloud, it can later be seamlessly redeployed to an external CSP – such as the AWS GovCloud – when the organization is ready to make the transition.

Acentia’s partnerships with leading vendors such as Eucalyptus, AWS, Google, Microsoft, IBM, HP, and Verizon/Terramark allow us to provide our customers a seamless path for realizing near-term benefits of the cloud without compromising your ability to rapidly shift infrastructures as your requirements evolve over time.  We can help you at every step in your journey to the Cloud – from Strategy and Planning through Migration/Development and Deployment, and through Operations and Maintenance.

Want to learn more about how Cloud Solutions can help your organization? Acentia is ready to help – contact us today!