The proliferation of mobile devices and high-bandwidth wireless data services has fundamentally changed how and where we work. From tablets and smartphones to wearable sensors and smartwatches, mobile applications are delivering business agility – helping organizations disrupt inefficient legacy workflows and accelerate insight and informed decision making.

The Federal Government has chartered innovators like Acentia to help transform and modernize agencies through an effort called “Mobile Gov.” Public sector apps and mobile websites are multiplying; reports 137 government mobile apps and over 400 government Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) developed to date, a number that is growing exponentially. These early apps show new ways for agencies to engage citizens while lowering costs, leveraging government data stores, and providing higher levels of citizen satisfaction.

While the benefits of mobility can be significant, the complexity of creating, deploying, and protecting mobile enterprise solutions can be a daunting challenge for even the most IT savvy organizations. Introducing new technologies at a time when most IT organizations are struggling with reduced budgets and ever increasing expenses is a difficult challenge. Flashy mobile screens alone are not sufficient to safely connect mobile applications as an integral extension of an organization’s back-end workflows, policies, systems, data, and security. Our customers need the innovation Acentia brings to the Mobility space – and Acentia is answering the call!

Acentia approaches Mobility holistically, aligning customer business objectives with the right technology approach to deliver real productivity gains. Our team combines Agile rapid prototyping with innovative mobile toolkit technologies to accelerate the creation of applications that integrate strongly – and securely – with existing back-end systems, data, and services. Our write once, field anywhere approach dramatically accelerates time-to-market of solutions that integrate with your enterprise, speeding delivery of the right capabilities to make your mobile users productive.

Although vendor agnostic, Acentia’s technology partnerships and licensing allow us to bring the latest mobility solutions and innovation to our customers. For example, Acentia has partnered with AnyPresence, a leading enterprise mobile app development platform that accelerates both application development and Back-End-as-a-Service integration. AnyPresence’s technology allows Acentia to quickly deliver mobile solutions for any mobile device (e.g., iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows 8 Phone, and Java), accelerating development by drawing on prebuilt integration components for most back-end systems security services, such as those from SAP, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft.  Through this and other vendor alliances, Acentia is uniquely positioned to accelerate delivery of integrated mobility solutions, delivering secure enterprise–class mobile and web apps with reduced risk, improved process efficiency, and at a lower total cost of ownership.

Got a challenging mobility problem? Acentia is ready to help – contact us today!