Software Development

Often, legacy applications are developed as stove piped solutions based on mandate, funding, or time. Acentia’s software development approach considers each application as part of a holistic group serving a common mission. We provide a transition path to portfolio management that aligns technology platforms, architectures, policies and practices.

Acentia’s software development capabilities encompass new system development, modernization of existing systems, and optimization of software development and maintenance efforts.

Our CMMI DEV ML4 appraised teams have the domain, technical, and process experience required to develop new systems and optimize maintenance of existing systems. Acentia’s approach to software portfolio management, software development, and development process improvement optimize software development efforts. Key elements of our offering include:

  • Software portfolio management
  • Software development and maintenance
  • Software process optimization and measurement

Acentia’s approach to software development and modernization supports new development and software maintenance efforts. Key elements of our approach include:

  • Modernization through maintenance: Alignment of legacy applications with enterprise architectures.
  • Language migration and platform modernization: Application migration from
  • Waterfall and Agile lifecycle support: Alignment with customer SDLCs and rapid functionality delivery.

Our Agile development methodology is tailored to incorporate standard government control gates and deliverables. Acentia’s Agile methodology rapidly develops functionality, incrementally aligns legacy systems, and accelerates customer value creation.

Acentia maintains partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Eucalyptus to support rapidly provisioning development environments. We partner with the AnyPresence platform to rapidly develop cross-platform mobile applications with enterprise integration.