Federal Civilian

The regular occurrence of natural disaster in recent years has brought a great deal of focus to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) with demands to increase the technologies used to anticipate major weather situations, as well as repair the protected environments devastated by the extreme weather events. Acentia has been providing more than 7 years of continuous support to NOAA, in both fisheries and weather service. More precisely, we work closely with NOAA management in the Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO), National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Services (NESDIS), National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS), and Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR). Acentia develops NOAA enterprise-wide IT services through the OCIO, managing system and data security and privacy considerations for IT service applications, and delivering user and system administration technical support.

noaa-logoSimilarly, we assist NESDIS’ Office of Satellite and Products Operations (OSPO) with the management, operations, and advancement of both the national and international Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking (SARSAT) systems. We aid OSPO with enterprise-level problems and increase efficiencies across the operations lifecycle. Acentia’s support to NMFS is mainly within the IT support services for the OCIO and Office of Management and Budget, in which we provide IT, database and application management, software development, operations and maintenance, and consulting services for future development and systems. Our breadth of work with OAR provides technical and management support services, from data and scientific analysis supporting systems aboard the vessel Okeanos, grants administration and management support, education and promotional outreach, and strategic planning advisory support.

Acentia’s work in the regulatory market extends to other key government entities such as the Department of Labor (DOL). Acentia has supported DOL since 2005, providing nationwide integrated enterprise IT services to support the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Administration and Management (OASAM) Information Technology Center’s mission. We provide onsite personnel with proven experience managing information systems in an enterprise environment, system and network administration, design, configuration management, and change management. Our personnel coordinate with customer and contractor staff to deliver performance-based networking, systems, and security services to 15 major sites and two major data centers totaling more than 600 servers and 4,000 users with 5,000 desktops and laptop computers. We support critical DOL department-wide IT services and mail delivery services for more than 20,000 users across nine diverse agencies across and outside the continental United States.

Our work in the regulatory market is far from that, and we pride ourselves on the success we’ve achieved leading projects that affect the sustainability of our environment, as well as current and future generations.